24, “still” virgin.

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3 min readSep 9, 2019

A fiction about Josh struggling with society’s rules. Why does stuff are going as the do ?

Well, yes, I “still” virgin as in our current society, it seems to be risky or cliché to be virgin at a such age, especially for a boy, why? Don’t ask me or just ask to the society. When I say it like that, most of peoples will directly see a young boy who fears to talk or even more, to speak to a woman, but because he is too shy and lack of the most useful quality for that: the confidence, or self-esteem.

But no, am a young guy totally open when it comes to play or to do anything with a woman, even when it became sexual, some people in my sibling know about my situation, and some of them like to make fun of it.

Am coming from a religious family, a christian one, from both of my parents, they used to bring all of us (my brothers and i) to the church we have been baptised at a very young age. My parent really follows what is written in the Bible, at leat they try. They told us every time when child that we should know the man or woman (have sex) after being married, because of the Bible and I took it very seriously till now, but at the time I was not engaged, not in a relationship. I really value the opinion of my mother, and more in this field of life.

The thing is, now my mother is on top of the list of peoples who seem to be afraid of my situation, in fact the main problem from what I’ve seem is: you are already so old and you don’t know anything about sex, you are not in a relationship right now. Sometime I am at a point where I don’t really know what they (event the society) expect from me.

It is literally a pressure that is being put on me because of that, I don’t really understand this, because in my head it sounds like: “man you must have sex right now, where are you going? You don’t know anything”. And my problem is the fat that same people who teach us to remain virgin until the engagement want us to lose that virginity before it, really weird I think. I don’t really see it as a finality, at leat for my point of view.

I asked for my mother why all this pressure about that and she told me stuff like I have to know woman before starting in life, in my head it sound like f**king for the sake of knowing, but according to our education it was just for making children IN the marriage with the lifetime partner we chose. She even reminds me of my younger brother (19 years old) who already has a girlfriend, and they have already done more that kissing each others.

I don’t really understand this controversy, for me it is one, most of my society are christian and that same society want me to have sex before getting married, why? because most of them did the same? Don’t get me wrong, am not dreaming of one of those cliche like, I am waiting for the perfect one, a person with whom it gonna be magic and all those stuff, am just not interested at the time, and it seems like I am a marginal for that. I think I not too ugly and with my actual reports with girls it won’t be too difficult to find out some to love and who will love me back, that is just what am looking for, love.

Anyway, I think sex or having sex and all it related activities should be free and peoples should be self aware of what they want and sure of what the trust in before starting, and it remains truthful for a lot of things in life.

From a dreamer.
Josh, 24 y.o.
CannYon City, 2100 after J.C.



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