Startup thinking has almost killed my “doer” spirit.

Do it just for fun

A Few years ago in 2015 (~2016) I had built a really small project during the summer, a web application to allow a car driving school to track and manage all the trainees, it was simple enough to be useful, since I was working on it with an owner of a driving school (my mother had bought a new car and she was re-learning to drive). He was pretty happy with it, i learned a lot with that little experience (how to deploy in a small company, speaking with end user, etc), back in school the next year we had a project contest in school and the goal was to show something working, useful and sellable, I was in a enginering school where one of the things we learned was to present our project as entrepreneurs or marketer, so one of the requirements was to present it in the way it could be sold to someone. At the first glance i didn’t wanted to be a part of that, but my friend convinced me to go and present my project, since he knew it and i said yes. I made the presentation for about 10 minutes. I was mainly showing the project and it’s features, at the end the judge asked me:

Mind refractoring

Photo by Daria Nepriakhina on Unsplash

Mindset shift

That habit took slowly a great pleace in all my mental process to choose, design and realise projects, even personnal projects. With a real lack of business knowledge, I mostly ended up doing nothing most of the time. The I shifted from the mindset of a “doer” to the one of a “thinker”. I was always planning stuff ahead and trying to see at least one way of monetization. My goal was now to have at least one monetization channel, so I could happily show it to someone who may be ready to take the project to a further step(investing, startup incubation, etc.).

Full Stack software developer, mainly working with Django and React, get in touch with me here : or by email

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